Meeting Minutes 20 October 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Neilsen, Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, Andrew Millar, David Nickerson, Sarala Dissanayake, Matt Halstead, Edmond Crampin

appologies: Peter Hunter

Poul: 3 students will be working over the summer with Andre and Peter V, going through the repository checking units (JSim), suing mozcellml to verify models against papers. They start 14th November.

Carey: Upgraded web site core components. Now running Zope2.7.7 Plone2.1.1.

Andre: Put some java code into cellml for CViT people. More work with JSim & units.

Shane: Raised the issue of cmiss development plan and the cellml group needs to be involved in that.

Andrew: Working on mozcellml as per last weeks decisions. Arranged a meeting Tuesday 9.30 to resolve outstanding API issues.

Sarala: nothing

Edmond: Raised the possibility of meeting reminder/agenda/link to previous minutes being sent out prior to cellml meeting. Carey to look into it.

Matt: Dong Zhang, the new Java developer is starting. He will work 10hrs/week. Working with Bill he will start on bugs listed in the tracker. Mikey will be back mid-November, to make biopax models.

Peter V: Checking units in Penny's models. Collecting PDF's of the papers in the model repository.