Meeting Minutes 6 October 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Neilsen, Carey Stevens, Andrew Millar, David Nickerson, Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Villiger, Matt Halstead, Peter Hunter


Peter H: Reported on recent meetng with Jim Bassingthwaighte. Will be preparing follow up documents of the plan agreed to this week.

Carey: Presented work on the model repository. Test system now available on the live server. Will mail around the URL to interested people.

Andrew: Reported on the userinterface feedback and mozcellml design changes. Can now save layout of the workspace for reloading, in an xml form.
             On the cellml API, there are some issues that need resolved - waiting for Shanes return next week.

Matt: nothing

Sarala: Researching other tools for the cellml model visualisation. eg cell designer.

Peter V. Just finished converting and validating Dan Beard's model to cellml. Peter to contact  him to find out what we should make available on the web.