Meeting Minutes 18 August 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Neilsen, Carey Stevens, Peter Villager, Peter Hunter, Andrew Millar, David Nickerson, Shane Blackett

Poul: Looking at Typing in cellml.  Currently assume everything is scalar reals. Not adequate for some problems eg state variables. The mathml specifications don't provide very clear ways to achieve somethings eg a complex vector. There is some stuff in the OpenMath definition that could be used as en external reference. We might provide a set of pre-defined types.

Shane: Another Fieldml meeting. Added some stuff to the new wiki on

           Met with Andrew, discussed simple C that is generated from his IDL. Resolved style differences.

Peter V:  Got Dan Beard's model to run in mozCellLM, not sure that it  is giving the right result yet.

           Put  updated model repository SVG diagrams on the web. Carey needs to write an SVG template for display and transformation.

Andrew: Added plot tabs to mozCellML. Recieved many suggestions for features.

            Have a working DOM implementation of the API. Sent an example to the mailing list.

            Shane suggests it would be a good time to start getting the API used/contributed to by the java cellml editor.

            Much discussion on how to bring the the java and mozcellml projects together. Will look at consolidating some things. eg the cellml api and establishing communication between the two.

Peter H. Nothing

Andre: Still working with the Jsim Guy. Helping Carey with xsl for the new cellml repository.

Carey: Working on model repository. Can do custom xsl on the models to provide the views that the current database has.