Meeting Minutes 4 August 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Neilsen, Carey Stevens, Peter Villager, Mike Cooling, Sarala Dissanayake, Matt Halstead, Andrew Millar, David Nickerson

Andrew: Generated code for interfaces is now working. Have a sample code that works.

             Have an issue with strings. How do we define strings in IDL, discussion on the mailing list? Outcome: IDL uses wstring which represents a null terminated UTF16 string. It is then converted as necessary by different language bindings.

             Some discussion on using timeouts for corba objects, problems not well understood by the group yet, inclined to deferr. Will revisit next week when shane is back too.

            Added Mike's feature requests to cvs mozcellml

Carey: More work on model repository system.

          Added a tracker for issues with the website. Fixed issues mailed in.

         Discussion about mailing lists: Decision: Consolidate lists to just just discussion, remove info, tools, announce. add webmaster. Bounce nolonger used lists.

Mike: nothing

Sarala: nothing

Peter: Still got issues with matlab to cellml, Poul has had a look, but will get Andrew to look as well. Sounds like a mozcellml problem...

Matt: nothing

Andre: Working JSim developers. Can now import cellml into their framework, so can do full units testing. So now we can do a lot more validation of our models. Could work this into the workflow for submitting models to the new repository.

Poul: Java developer position: some administrative issues to work through.