Meeting Minutes 28 July 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Nielsen, Carey Stevens, Peter Villager, Mike Cooling, Sarala Dissanayake, Matt Halstead

Poul: Have applicants for the programming position, working through them.

Andrew: Fixed all known bugs in mozcellml.

             Have been working on IDL to simple C translation - can generate headers.

             Which threading models to support; main thread, mutlithread threadsafe. Will put details on the tools list for feedback

Carey: working on model submission system. Have a simple archtype that holds a model and transfoms for viewing. Andre wrote XSLT for the transforms. Model can be uploaded and viewed, in a rudementary way.

Mike: Feature request for mozcellml. Would like to be able to see which variables have been changed by the user. Could change the font or highlight for example. Some issues with windows focus too.

Sarala: Thesis proposal done.

Peter: Working on getting some models from matlab into celllml.

Matt: nothing