Meeting Minutes 19 July 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Nielsen, Carey Stevens, Peter Villager, David Nickerson, Mike Cooling, Edmond Crampin, Sarala Dissanayake, Matt Halstead


Carey: Matt's Wiki is now public. Decided to use Kupu and XHTML as the method for editing and
          storing documents on the site from now on. One can still use the the external editor.
          Integrating the mailman lists and CMFboard.

Andre: Working on upgrading the model repository. Will put into the plone site using the new naming convention,
           using docbook and an XSLT to display the metadata.

           Need to  redirect sourceforge content back to our plone site, to the Tools section which needs reworked.

           Discussion on Andrew's todolist priorities. Decision to change focus to getting the API done asap, with some time addressing feature/bug request - not more that 1/2 say.

Matt: Working rdf libraries, and can now load up the anatomy ontology.
         Can now look at the required anotation by using real quieres.

Edmond: nothing

Mike: out of time

Sarala: out of time