Meeting Minutes 24 May 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Nielsen, Shane Blackett, Carey Stevens, Andrew Miller, David Nickerson, Peter Villiger

General: Cellml editor still bugs still holding up Peter V's work - Bill estimates it will take 3-4 weeks to fix bugs.

Poul: Would be good for Peter to investigate SVG authoring tools and to put together a library of glyphs.
         Bill could then use them in the editor too perhaps.
         Contrary to last weeks report there isn't a job being advertised.

Peter V.  Going to be away for week from this Thursday.

Andrew: Applied xpp removal transform on the repository models.
               More progress on getting XPCORBA to work on win32 - necessary for mozCellML and ZINC.
                        CORBA ZINC on all platforms
                        CORBA mozCellML on all platforms (another week or two hopefully)
                        cmgui IDL work, IDL to C bindings, looking at ORBIT
                              suggested that infact we write our own C to C++ convertion for CORBA rather than using a C ORB.
                              (can use C or C++ versions without CORBA)
                             if this all works Shane will have no concerns about using CORBA.
Carey: Nothing

Shane: Almost finnished CMGUI Patching. Siggraph poster got accepted.