Meeting Minutes 17 May 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Nielsen, Shane Blackett, Carey Stevens, Andrew Miller, David Nickerson, Matt Halstead, Mike Cooling

General: Discussion of Alan's email request for more application focus. We are application focussed, perhaps we aren't making people aware of what we are developing. We need to make more announcements to the lists of software releases, more info on the website too, screenshots even.

Matt: What's the respose to the advertised java dev position?
             Unkown, Poul to follow up.

          Bill is working in Peter V.'s  bug submisisons. RDF handling bugs.

          Making good progress on the zope archetype for cellml models. Been side-tracked a bit by Dan Cooks visit.
Andrew: Win32 cmgui patch completed and committed by Shane.
               What are we going to do about the xml pretty print tags from the cellml models?
               There is a bug in the editor that doesn't handle the xpp properly - Bill to fix.
               So strip xpp from the models. The website will not generate correctly but we can find another way to make pretty if necessary later.
               Andrew to write the XSL for Peter V. to use.

Mike: Been using mozCellML, and has found that it doesn't provide the initial conditions at time 0.
           We need to make a decision on the architecture, CORBA etc, before much more development to mozCellML can be undertaken.
          These decisions need much more research before we can decide on this pathway.
         The suggestion is that Andrew make a CORBA based release for local users only in the meantime.

Shane: Merged Win32 patch into cmgui.  Thinking about how to open-source cmgui still.

Carey: Merged Cellml and Physiome skin products for plone.

Andre: out of time.....