Meeting Minutes 7 June 2005

Meeting Present: Poul Nielsen, Shane Blackett, Carey Stevens, Andrew Miller, David Nickerson, Mike Cooling, Sarala Dissanayake, Peter Villager, Edmond Crampin

General:  Introducing Sarala, starting a Phd on software development for CellML visualisation, supervised by Poul and Matt.
                Discussion of an implementing tabular equations for using in large scale simulations. An idea that has been
                considered before.  eg Mark Trew found when he tried it he didn't get enough accuracy. Sounds like others have it working and
                find it useful. Something we should consider for the cellml library implementation.

Andrew: mozCellML now building again, just debugging now. Testing Shanes new graph drawing improvements.

Peter: nothing

Andre: Wrote a script for Steven to generate a piecewise cellml model from his time dependent boundary conditions equations.
            Produces a 2Mb file and takes ages to load.
            Shane wants progress on FIeldML to address this properly. Poul and Shane to meet on Friday to try to get going.

Shane: There was a request for an AnatML spec. AnatML is defunct and replaced by ontologies , rdf and metadata.

Edmond: There is a lot of discussion on the MIRIAM model curration document, if you have a view, now would be a good time to express it. The resulting document is to be published soon.

Carey: nothing

Mike: mozCellML questions: Have en axample model that gives different results depending on the formulation.
                                                             Andrew Miller to have a look.
                                                 Mathematical functions get evaluated at everytime step, can this be avoided.
                                                             Andrew suggests a work around for now.
                                                 Feature request to be logged on sourceforge, for future reference.
                                                 Are other algorithms going to implemented? It would be nice to have some alternatives.
                                                 Mike to get back with alternatives that he woud like to make comparisions with.
                                                            Agreed it would be a good idea to have at least a couple of others for testing or producing other
                                                            peoples results. Edmond suggests GEAR might be nice.

Sarala: Working on thesis proposal.