Meeting Minutes 2 May 2005

Present: Poul Nielsen, Peter Villiger, Shane Blackett, Carey Stevens, Andrew Miller, David Nickerson, Matt Halstead

Peter V.: Fixed models that people have emailed us about. Need Srdan to update the web repository
                Still fixing models to pass mozCellML validation tests.

Poul: Dan Cook is coming. He will be talking to us Monday, and Tuesday and giving a seminar Tuesday.

Shane: Cmgui development to support Andrew's mozCellML requests.
            Considering CMGUI opensource framework options.

Andrew: Win32 CMGUI build development - just example testing to go.
               Looking at a compiler to make interfaces from IDL. Will put examples on the web for discussion.
               Some discussion whether non-simulation ready mathematics should go into metadata or not.
                  The suggestion is to create a schema to tag equations as to their purpose. Then the simulation engines could
                  use this to know whether to use them or not. Need some kind of dictionary of terms to describe equations eg "definition" or "assertion"       

Matt: Had a discussion with Peter H. and Carey about model naming, the conclusion was, if publication:
          Model name = Authors(in publication order) seperated by underscore         
                                 +publication year
                                 +a,b,c..... (optional)
                                 +_varientNN (optional)

          The URI for import and metadata built
             physical location+/name.suffix
                  where the location and suffix are implicit

          Poul registers his disquiet about this naming convention.

          Matt working on archetype for cellml model type in the Zope. 

Andre: nothing

Carey: nothing