Meeting Minutes 19 April 2005

Present: Poul Neilsen, Peter Villiger, Shane Blackett, Carey Stevens, David Nickerson (aka Andre), Andrew Miller


Andre: Looking at getting CellML into Jsim. Probably using XSL to produce Jsim input.

Andrew: No feedback on cellml API IDL. Lets adopt it as a draft and start on an implementation. All agreed. Much debate over the language to implement it in C vs C++ and how.
                Needs further discussion. Need to figure out how to go from IDL to header files.
               Andrew to try using known tools to generate headers and report back.

Carey: Webste migration.

Shane: Revisiting cmgui interfaces for mozcellml. Works Thursdays on Andrew's issues.

Andrew: Working on cmgui build under Windows. Working on mozCellML command line tools.

Peter: Questioning how to migrate variable names starting with a number to cellml 1.1. Consensus is to replace number with the word. eg 2 becomes two.