Meeting Minutes 12 April 2005

Present: Poul Neilsen, Matt Halstead, Peter Villiger, Shane Blackett, Carey Stevens, David Nickerson (aka Andre)

Poul: Renewed talks with Washington University. Matt and Dan Cook to see what the differences are between our ontonologies and look at reconciling them.
Met Dan Beard from Chicargo. Dan Beard is looking at constraints based pathway models. As a trial, Dan is going take some responsilibily for the pathway models in the cellml repository. Therefore we need to look at curation issues, access and so on.
Poul has begun to look at types in cellml - specifically allowing coomplex, array and lists etc and longer term more structured types.

Matt: Focusing on work with Dan Cook.

Andrew: CORBA experiment now works in mozCellML. Uses XPCOM-CORBA bridge to make XPIDL. CORBA wraps cmgui (ZINC). Corba interfaces to parts that could be shared with other apps such as the java editor. Making a wiki page describing background and experiences.

Peter: Going through Andre's cellml models to make them use imports rather than redefining components repeatedly. Looking for models with repeated components to get used to manipulating models and their imports. Will seek advise from Catherine too.
Finding and submitting bugs in the java cellml editor

Shane: Requests some info on current plan for database repository.
             Matt: ontology development thread is separate from cellml repository thread.
              Ontology database to be usable need to redefine schema, then translate schema into sql schema. Will be a sql database. Inference tools on things such as OWL still very much proof of concept. Some discussion on RDF and its serialisation and storage in databases. SQL will be the way forward from now on, but will continue to research the OWL ontologies in parallel.

Carey: out of time

Andre: out of time

General: Need to get some software tools for management of projects, who does what,  by when , report generation etc. Matt, Shane, Carey and interested parties to meet and discuss further.