Meeting Minutes 22 March 2005

Present: Poul Nielsen, Carey Stevens, Matt Halstead, David Nickerson, Andrew Millar
Peter Villiger

Poul: Response to email from the Netherlands regarding importing CellML into
Mathematica. Probably need to contact Mathematica people again but in meantime,
what is the state of the definition for the CellML API so that reply can be made?

Matt: Does Andrew want to go the IDC definition? Yes

David: Can we just have an XSLT transform into MathML...?

Matt: Does he need to be able to convert back to CellML from Mathematica? Complicates things.
Probably good to start with just CellML to Mathematica conversion and then worry about reverse

Andrew: Shouldn't take long to write XSLT transform - one weeks work. But XSLT might be wrong
approach altogether.

Poul: Need the API to be reasonably well defined.

Andrew: Will send API to discussion site when it is written up as IDL. Do we want it in docbook
style or is IDL fine? Matt is ok with IDL format.
Mozcellml using korba? Call to open probably break under windows.
No release due to CMGUI source code licensing issues

David: CMGUI not open - done deal but site needs to be made etc. can happen now but probably won't
happen anytime soon. Hassle Shane about it. Put pressure on Peter to put pressure on Shane.

Carey: CellMl site not up on live server.

Matt: Physiome database. Turning it into different mdoel demo. Kumar plans to be finished his stuff
by wednesday. Need screenshot of Mozcellml from andrew. Just make a new one andrew. Needs diagrams from Peter
for Poul's poster.
Need some sort of project management system (trac, gantt track) to manage timelines etc. What is priority,
what can be pushed up, back.

Poul: Meet with Shane tomorrow.