Meeting Minutes 1 March 2005

Attendees: Poul Nielsen, Peter Hunter, Shane, Andrew Millar, David Nickerson, Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger 

Discusion: API specs? Shane suggested tag API specs.
Final format? Andrew suggested OMG IPL, which he thinks is better than Matts previous suggestion of XP IDL

Poul: Bound variables: How are we specifying mathematical type in models?
Dynamic models can't be represented because math is static.
Need more structured variables which can be defined in terms of mathml.
Think about linking/annotating exposed variables to mathml type.

Carey: CellML Plone site is public. Struggling with the specs as everything is labelled by date.
Remove all of the old specs and perhaps archive them and rename the final version 1.0.
Same solution for scope.
WarrenML to be converted to HTML which will become master source.
dtd/schemer for 1.1 specs. Andrew to work on schemer.

Andre: Feeling better today.

Andrew: Definition of independent variables in the new specifications does not distinguish them from constants.
MozCellML conversion to CMGUI? Can be a lot faster according to shane. More work to be done on annotations on graphs,
axes etc. Shane previously talked about automatic markers on axis lines, however no solution yet.

CellML editor to MozCellML connection? At the moment thinking is to have two separate applications with a button to
connect them. Exposing API's to each other is future possibility but is a much larger task.
Peter Hunter suggests having command that contains the filename.

MozCellml: added function to enable variables to be sorted, also variables can be displayed as either flat list
or a tree. One bug is that colours don't show up properly. No CMGUI release at the moment.