Meeting Minutes 15 February 2005

s Attendees:  Poul Nielsen, Andrew Miller, Shane, David Nickerson, Carey Stevens, Peter Villiger, Edmund Crampin

Poul: Start thinking about possible solutions for linking cellMl editor to MozzCellml to allow direct access between them.
No decision made now.

Carey: Using templates in Plone 2.05 for cellml website update. Website is free to be restructured 'sensibly'.
URL links are bound to be broken during the restructuring process, however some important links should
be redirected to old site during this process, such as specifications.

Andre: xml vs. cml postfixes. Standard extension will be .xml for models in the repository. Terminology in the
editor needs to be changed. What is currently termed a "CellML XML File" is a CellML File and the use of
"CellML File" for the editors own drawing/configuration data needs to changeEditor should have no
requirement for .xml extensions on cellml files and no meaning should be implied from file extension.

Two solutions discussed:

The extra information is placed in its own file (as happens now) which also contains a reference to the
underlying CellML file rather than relying on the model having the same base URL with a different file extension.

Include the extra information in the CellML model within an extension namespace.

Most people preferred option 2 but we'd be looking to the programmers (and Matt) for feedback

Shane: Raised issue of putting anatml files into a database. Can't do anything without Matt.

Andrew: CMGUI patches for Win32 not complete yet. Andre's debug issue solved.