Meeting Minutes 8 February 2005

Attendees: Poul Nielsen, Andrew, Carey Stevens, Andrei a.k.a Dave, Mike Lovett-Smith, Mike C, Shane, Peter Villiger


Carey: CellML website document options (refer to
Now working on templates/style formats

Andrei: Cellular Automater email - NOt much can be done at the moment in terms of CellML except for Rule notation

Mike LS: Working on component ontology
Component Mapping? Need to confer with Matt Halstead

Shane: progress with CMGUI/MozzCellML

Andrew: support for CMGUI so that aspect ratio isn't preserved.
patch to control tumble rate to enable disabling of freespin
want to change zinc to be a client that follows CMGUI API
MozzCellML 0.1 released but Andrei suggests potential bug