11th International CellML Workshop

The 11th International CellML Workshop was held on 10 & 11 April 2017 at the Goldie Room on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.

The annual International CellML Workshop is an opportunity for scientists to present and discuss ongoing work related to physiological modelling and simulation with particular focus on model and data exchange & reuse, archiving, and versioning and related software support.

While the primary emphasis of this workshop is on CellML, work from across the VPH & Physiome Project and computational systems biology communities are covered (e.g., RICORDOSED-MLPhysiome RepositoryCOMBINE, and the Virtual Physiological Rat). In addition to participants from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, the Maurice Wilkins Centre, and the University of Auckland, previous workshops have attracted delegates from the UK, USA, Japan, Norway, France, Poland, Belgium, and Germany.

This year the workshop will feature the following topics.

  • The long awaited CellML 2.0 (release note; draft).
  • libCellML developments and plans (documentation; GitHub).
  • Bond-graph based modular modelling with CellML.
  • Model curation.
  • Semantic annotation and the Physiome Model Repository.


goldie.jpgThe 11th International CellML Workshop was held in the Goldie Room at the Goldie Vineyard, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. Daily transport from downtown Auckland to the venue will be arranged each day of the workshop.


The programme is available here. Please note that this programme is subject to change, particularly the timing of the remote presentations (indicated with italic text in the draft programme) and the colour coding provides just a rough guide.

Please be at the Auckland ferry terminal by 8am each day ready to catch the Waiheke ferry at 8:10am (follow the signs to the Waiheke ferry wharf and look for the organisers to obtain your ticket - don't go to the ticket counter). The return ferry should arrive back in Auckland by 7pm each evening.


Registration is now closed.

Delegate Listing

The listing of currently registered participants is available.

Remote attendance

Once again we hope to provide the facility for remote attendance and presentation at the workshop. We will likely be using the Zoom platform to enable this. Please register as above even if you plan to attend remotely.

To attend the workshop remotely, just follow this link: https://auckland.zoom.us/j/767556917. Be sure to do so nice and early to make sure you have zoom up and running in time for your favourite topic! We will be attempting to record the sessions and make the recordings available following the workshop.

Workshop Dinner

The self-funded workshop dinner Monday evening will be at Monsoon Poon, just a short stroll from the ferry terminal. We will proceed to the restaurant straight from the ferry, but as they don't take dinner reservations there may be a short wait (at the bar) prior to getting a table. Partners and colleagues are also welcome to attend the dinner, just let the organisers know the numbers as soon as possible.


The 11th International CellML Workshop is being organised by David Nickerson, with the help of Kate Harsant, Peter Hunter, Poul Nielsen, Hugh Sorby, Tommy Yu, Koray Atalag, and Kenneth Tran from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. Please contact if you have any queries regarding the workshop.


The 11th International CellML Workshop is sponsored by the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

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