Announcing the 10th International CellML Workshop and HARMONY 2016

The 10th International CellML Workshop will be co-located with HARMONY 2016 and will be held from the 7 - 11 June 2016.

The workshop will be held at Old Government House on the City Campus of the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. Save the dates and stay tuned for further details.

The annual International CellML Workshop is an opportunity for scientists to present and discuss ongoing work related to physiological modelling and simulation with particular focus on model and data exchange & reuse, archiving, and versioning and related software support. While the primary emphasis is on CellML, work from across the VPH & Physiome Project and computational systems biology communities are covered (e.g., RICORDOSED-MLPhysiome RepositoryCOMBINE, and the Virtual Physiological Rat). In addition to participants from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, the Maurice Wilkins Centre, and the Faculty of Science Initiative for Complex Biological Systems, previous workshops have attracted delegates from the UK, USA, Japan, Norway, France, Poland, Australia, and Germany.

The 10th International CellML Workshop will be co-located with HARMONY 2016HARMONY is a hackathon-type meeting, with a focus on development of the standards, interoperability and infrastructure. There are generally not many general discussions or oral presentations during HARMONY; instead, the time is devoted to allowing hands-on hacking and interaction between people focused on practical development of software and standards.