Workshop program

The program for the 9th International CellML Workshop.

The following is the preliminary program and is subject to small changes.

Monday Tuesday
08:15 Ferry to Waiheke
09:00 Welcome & housekeeping Welcome & editor nominees
09:30 Mathematical modelling best practices and workflows CellML and the Cardiac Physiome

M2CAT: Extracting reproducible simulation studies from model repositories using the CombineArchive Toolkit (Martin Scharm)

Chaste (Gary Mirams)
MAP Client (Hugh Sorby) OpenCMISS - CellML related (Chris Bradley)
Multicellular modelling (Gib Bogle)

Flexible portable I-clamp and V-clamp protocols for cell models (Georges Christé)

10:30 Morning tea and posters
11:00 Software updates Reproducibility and e-publishing
PMR2 status report (Tommy Yu) Cardiac Web Lab (Gary Mirams)

OpenCOR: back to the future (Alan Garny)

Virtual Reference Environments (Dan Hurley)
SemGen / SemSim (Brian Carlson/John Gennari) Plans and discussion from Wednesday session
GET (David Nickerson) PMR2 support for metadata and annotation (Tommy/Andre)
12:30 Lunch and posters
14:00 Related Standards Metadata and data annotation
SED-ML (David Nickerson) Deep annotation (Mike Cooling)
FieldML (Richard Christie) Clinical modelling with openEHR Archetypes (Koray Atalag)
COMBINE Archive / NuML (David Nickerson) SemGen views and plans (Brian Carlson/John Gennari)
15:00 Afternoon tea and posters
15:30 Linkages to EHRs and related standards (Koray Atalag) Annotation discussion session
Bond graph (Edmund Crampin) (and/or wine tasting)
Parallel model fitting (Mike Cooling) Peter's closing address
17:40 Ferry to Auckland
19:00 Self funded dinner @ Vivace