Workshop Programme

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Monday Tuesday
8:15 Ferry from Auckland
09:00 - 10:30 Poul Nielsen: Welcome
Physiome model repository (Poul)
  • Dagmar Waltemath, Martin Scharm & Ron Henkel: BiVeS and BudHat: Version Control for Computational Models
  • Tommy Yu: PMR2 status report
  • David Nickerson: Embedded workspaces
  • Tommy & Ron: Demonstration
Software I (Randall Britten)
  • Alan Garny: OpenCOR
  • Chris Bradley: OpenCMISS(Iron)
  • Richard Christie: OpenCMISS(Zinc)
Morning Tea
11:00 - 12:30 Virtual Eye Clinic (David Nickerson)
  • Jason Turuwhenua: Towards a Virtualized Optometry Clinic
  • Jorge Perez-Velasco: Virtual Eye Clinic for Teaching
  • Gavin Flower: Programmatically Generate Web Pages of Annotated Images (demonstration)
Software II (Richard Christie)
  • Andrew McCulloch: UCSD software
  • Thor Besier: The Musculoskeletal Atlas Project (MAP)
  • Hugh Sorby: MAPClient demonstration
13:30 - 15:00 Standards (Dougal Cowan)
  • David Nickerson: Introduction to CellML
  • Alan Garny: CellML
  • David Nickerson: SED-ML L1V2
Applications (Chris Bradley)
  • Harvey Ho: Visualisation of Micro-Structures in the Liver using CMGUI
  • David Ladd: CellML standards for multiscale models of the cardiovascular circulation
  • David Brooks: BioSignalML
Afternoon Tea
15:30 - 17:00 Future Standards (Edmund Crampin)
  • Tim Johann: Requirements for agent based modeling
  • Randall Britten: FieldML status report
  • Andrew Miller: Constraint programming with Hindley-Milner type calculus and typeclasses - the future of declarative mathematical modelling languages?
Metadata/annotation (Peter Hunter)
  • Bernard de Bono: RICORDO metadata management
  • Maxwell Neal: Semantics-based integration of a prototype human physiome
  • TBA: Current state of CellML annotation.
17:00  Peter Hunter: Update on the VPH/Physiome Project Poul Nielsen & Edmund Crampin: Concluding remarks
18:15 Ferry to Auckland
19:00 Workshop Dinner