Wednesday 26th March 2008, The University of Auckland

Following on from the success of the inaugural CellML workshop in 2007, we have decided to organise a second meeting in 2008.  The aim of this second workshop is to bring together the growing community of CellML developers and users, to discuss recent developments and future plans, and to provide an opportunity update the community on ideas which were discussed at the last workshop.

CellML provides a powerful and flexible method for the storage and exchange of mathematical models. CellML is primarily an XML language providing the concepts for organising and annotating mathematical equations defined using MathML. Accompanying the base XML specification there is also a metadata specification, and these are both the subject of further development.

As CellML has matured, an increasingly large community of developers and users has grown around the world. While many of these groups initially carried out their research independently, more recently there has been a greater effort between researchers to collaborate.  This workshop will provide a forum for these research groups to present their work to their peers and potential users, as well providing an opportunity to discuss future intentions and raise any issues or suggestions for the wider CellML community to discuss.

We feel this will provide invaluable feedback for tool developers, model builders and model users, and will facilitate the development and growth of the CellML community. The workshop will also provide a platform for the initiation of planning future developments in the CellML project and discussion of the general role of CellML within the various Physiome Projects around the world.


The workshop programme is now available, and all the talk abstracts can be viewed here.


The workshop is being jointly organised by Catherine Lloyd, Poul Nielsen, and Peter Hunter (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland).


This workshop will be held at Old Government House, at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday 26th March, just before the Workshop on Multi-scale Modelling of the Heart (27th-29th March) which is to be held on Waiheke Island.


If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact Catherine.