Graphing Metadata Examples

Here are some examples demonstrating the use of CellML graphing metadata. Please send any questions or comments to the cellml-discusion mailing list. Suggestions on new examples are always welcome.

I (andre) am unsure if these examples should be versioned to match the draft (and final) version of the graphing metadata specification which they match. I'm going with not versioning them for now, but I imagine once we freeze a version of the specification we'll want to freeze the corresponding examples. These examples will eventually form a test set of expected output from graphing metadata processing tools to provide some guidance to application developers.

Please note: These examples use RDF/XML in a particular structure. Processing must not assume that the RDF/XML will always be specified in the same way, and must treat alternative inputs which produce the same set of RDF triples in the same fashion.

We want a series of increasing complexity examples illustrating the use of graphing metadata and the expected outputs from them.

  • A nice basic example to get started.
  • Andrew's original example.
  • A "simple" example with all base (standard?) properties set.
  • An example of referring to multiple models/simulations.
  • An example of log scale axes.
  • An example of filtering data.
  • An example of annotating with experimental data.