OpenCell 0.6 (Mar 04, 2009)

PCEnv version 0.6 release candidate 1 was released unchanged as PCEnv 0.6. It is the first stable version of PCEnv to run on Mac OS X since version 0.1. There have been a number of other minor improvements and bugfixes.

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Available downloads

PCEnv 0.6 Mac OS X disc image

For Mac OS X (35.2 MB)

PCEnv 0.6 Windows installer

For Windows (11.7 MB)

PCEnv 0.6 Linux installer

For Linux (15.4 MB)

PCEnv 0.6 source code tarball

For all platforms (3.0 MB)

PCEnv 0.6 source code zip file

For all platforms (3.1 MB)

Release Notes

State Final release
License TRI
Release Manager Justin Marsh

PCEnv version 0.6 is the first stable version of PCEnv to run on Mac OS X since version 0.1.

It also has improved code export facilities.

Change log

There have been a number of changes in PCEnv 0.6:

  • PCEnv now runs on Mac OS X.
  • There is better support for exporting code; Python and Matlab code is able to be generated in addition to C code.
  • The generated code is now also self contained, rather than just code fragments.
  • Code can be generated for models containing differential-algebraic equations.
  • PCEnv can be built off of an unpatched xulrunner sdk, rather than requiring a patched development build of Firefox.

There were also other smaller changes, such as:
  • Minor updates to the GUI.
  • A change in how we serialise MathML cn elements to conform to the MathML 2.0 specification; this is controlled by a preference.
  • Preferences for height and font size of elements in the model tree view.
  • A slightly more robust validation service.
  • Models that fail to converge now communicate that failure in the GUI, rather than spinning endlessly.

There were also a number of minor bugfixes.