OpenCell 0.5rc1 (Oct 08, 2008)

PCEnv 0.5 adds an interface to the CellML DOM API Validator, as well as model editing, simulation and display improvements

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Available downloads

PCEnv 0.5rc1 source code tarball

For all platforms (4.8 MB)

PCEnv 0.5rc1 source code zip file

For all platforms (5.2 MB)

PCEnv 0.5rc1 for Linux

For Linux (14.8 MB)

Release Notes

State Final release
License TRI
PCEnv 0.5 features interfaces to enhancements in the underlying CellML DOM API, such as a validator, better control over tabulation of results, and access to an experimental DAE solver. It also has other editing improvements such as a new Mathematics tree view.

Change log

This version of PCEnv adds several new features:

  • An interface to the validator service
  • An exposure of the tabulation controls for the integrator
  • A new Mathematics tree view
  • Graphical rendering of connections
  • Some basic usability fixes, such as confirm dialogs and changes to frame layout

There were also numerous bug fixes, such as the ability to plot constants.

PCEnv uses the CellML DOM API version 1.5. The CellML DOM API version 1.5 has more powerful support for solving index 1 Differential Algebraic Equations than previous versions, however the solution method should be considered experimental, as further work is done to validate it. For more information please see tracker item 1402 (

For a more detailed change log refer to the subversion changelogs, or the trac logs which may be available at