OpenCell 0.4rc1 (Jun 11, 2008)

PCEnv 0.4 adds maths rendering and code export facilities.

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Available downloads

PCEnv 0.4rc1 source code tarball

For all platforms (5.6 MB)

PCEnv 0.4rc1 source code zip file

For all platforms (5.9 MB)

PCEnv 0.4rc1 for Linux

For Linux (15.0 MB)

Release Notes

State Final release
License TRI
Release Manager Justin Marsh

PCEnv 0.4 features graphical rendering of mathematical equations, the ability to export generated code, and improved graph display.

There have also been a number of user interface enhancements and bugfixes.

This version of PCEnv uses version 1.4 of the CellML API.

Change log

Since the last release, there have been a number of changes.
  • MathML rendering for the equation view
  • COR-like rendered view of information about variables and units
  • User interface layout changes
  • Improved sampling for displayed graphs
  • Exporting of generated code
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes, including improved path handling and elimination of a number of user interface artefacts
  • Minor usability enhancements, such as adding file associations for .cellml files in Windows.

For a more detailed change log refer to the subversion changelogs, or the trac logs which may be available at