OpenCell 0.3.1 (Feb 20, 2008)

PCenv 0.3.1 is a maintainance patch of PCEnv 0.3. It is primarily aimed at UCS-4 platforms, such as Linux. It fixes Unicode support and piecewise equations.

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Available downloads

PCEnv 0.3.1 source tarball

For all platforms (4.7 MB)

PCEnv 0.3.1 source zip file

For all platforms (4.9 MB)

Release Notes

Tested with libxml2.6.26
State Final release
License TRI
PCenv 0.3.1 is a maintainance patch of PCEnv 0.3, fixing Unicode support and piecewise equations. This version uses version 1.3.1 of the CellML API.

Change log

There have been a significant number of changes since PCEnv 0.2.

  • The first cut of an xml editor has been included
  • Interactive SVG Diagrams can be added to PCEnv session files
  • A Javascript API to PCEnv has been created, allowing for simple graphing control from embedded diagrams
  • We have moved to using the autopackage's gcc portability wrapper
  • We have cleaned up the graphing transform code
  • The first cut of graph normalisation code has been added
  • A number of UI artefacts have been fixed
  • Added an interface for a CellML validation service
  • Better support for relative urls in CellML and session files
  • Fixed problems with GUI related metadata not being saved to session files
  • More complete Unicode support
For a more complete list, please refer to the Subversion logs for the repository at