OpenCell 0.1rc3 (Nov 15, 2006)

A release candidate which fixes some bugs and usability issues from PCEnv 0.1rc2

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Release Notes

Tested with libxml2.6.26
State Final release
License TRI
Release Manager Andrew Miller
Released 2006/11/16 00:00:00 GMT+13

This release candidate improves on PCEnv 0.1rc2 by fixing some startup issues on Win32. It also fixes a problem with the model tree view, and a confusing aspect of the graph view (the context menu now shows up even when you aren't zoomed in).

Change log

Merge in changes from trunk onto branch
Revision |
   #     | Summary of change
     874 | Fix issues with spaces in the install path on Linux.
     875 | Made the splash-screen timeout message more informative.
     878 | Units were never added to the modeltreeview RDF graph under variables.
     879 | Graph context menu is now shown even when not zoomed in.
     880 | Fix problems when only a subset of simulation metadata available.