CellML DOM API: Core implementation 1.3rc1 (Nov 21, 2007)

This is a refactored, modularised CellML API.

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Release Notes

Tested with libxml2.6.26
State Final release
License TRI
Release Manager Justin Marsh
Released 2007/11/28 17:30:00 GMT+13

The CellML API has been fully split into the core CellML DOM implementation and a number of separate services; metadata annotation, code generation, integration, code language description, and validation. The CellML API has been refactored for faster integration and ease of modular implementation. The code generation service now gracefully supports transformation of CellML into a wider possible range of programming languages. Support for CellML validators has been added.

Change log

Refer to the subversion changelogs, or the trac logs which may be available at http://trac.bioeng5.bioeng.auckland.ac.nz/physiomesynctrac/timeline.