CellML DOM API: Core implementation 1.0rc2 (Nov 13, 2006)

A release candidate of the CellML API which fixes performance issues in the first release candidate.

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Release Notes

Tested with libxml 2.6.23
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Andrew Miller
Released 2006/11/14 00:00:00 GMT+13

This release candidate fixes a number of performance problems which have been found since the first version of the CellML API. In particular, CCGS performance is now greatly enhanced, because connected variables are now found once using an efficient disjoint sets algorithm, rather than individually searching each variable for its connected variables. Performance enhancements (through memoisation) have also been made to the CellML, MathML and DOM APIs.

Change log

Merged a number of fixes (of serious performance problems) from the trunk.
 Trunk   |
Revision |
  #      | Summary of change
     855 | Cache MapComponents
     856 | Disjoint sets source variables.
     857 | Optimise some wasteful parts of the API.
     858 | DOM NodeList optimisation.
     859 | MathML API optimisation.
     860 | Improve the diagnostics from the CCGS.
     861 | Fix issues with CellML 1.1 models from the R856 patch.
     863 | Test-suite fixes.