CellML 1.1 XML Schema

The CellML 1.1 XML Schema Definition(XSD) can be found at http://www.cellml.org/cellml/cellml_1_1.xsd. This schema imports other schemas to deal with MathML and XLink. It will only work if all CellML elements are in the CellML 1.1 namespace(i.e. elements in the CellML 1.0 namespace will be treated as extension elements).

You may also wish to use the small Java program which uses this schema for validation. You can download the source code at http://www.cellml.org/tools/cellml_1_1_schema/validatecellml.java. Note that when you save this file, it must be capitalised as ValidateCellML.java. You can download Java bytecode(binaries) at http://www.cellml.org/tools/cellml_1_1_schema/validatecellml-class, which you must save as ValidateCellML.class. You need an implementation of the javax.xml.* classes to use this code. This can come from Apache Xerces or with your Java interpreter.

Note that XSD validation checks for XML well-formedness, and the elements and attributes that are present, but it does not validate many other details of CellML documents. It is recommended that you use these tools instead of, or in addition to, XML schema validation, so that more errors can be detected.

This schema definition does not currently perform any checks on RDF well-formedness.