Agenda - Auckland CellML weekly team meeting - 20090506

Agenda - CellML weekly team meeting - Auckland
Agenda: 6 May 2009

  1. PMR2 update
    1. General
    2. PMR2 testing (James)

      a.) exposure subpages need to have unique names
      - exposure subpage names in the listing are currently generated from the
      citation title (in the metadata) and are therefore identical between
      - this puts us in an even worse position than PMR1, as PMR1 at least
      showed the version and variant numbers.
      - we could allow free editing of this name, but then this information
      wouldn't be tracked as metadata (unless we create/formalise a metadata
      tag specifically for the purpose of describing model variants.)

      b.) new models can not be added to the repository (workspace creation to
      be enabled soon)

      c.) comments on command-line Hg interface

      d.) keyword indexing doesn't return model names, just 'model metadata'
      because keywords are returned by the model metadata object, not the
      exposure object

      e.) GUI needs a lot of work

  2. Website redesign - update
  3. Repository contributions - update
  4. CellML Specs - update
    1. Metadata specifications (general, citations, graphing, simulation, other)
    2. General issues
  5. OpenCell development - update
  6. CellML API - update
    1. General issues
  7. Time permitting: Updates or additional items from volunteering attendees