Agenda - Auckland CellML weekly team meeting - 20090415

Agenda - CellML weekly team meeting - Auckland
Agenda: 15 April 2009

  1. (Catherine) "journal club" - not a regular fixed requirement, but if people 
    come across relevant, interesting articles during their reading could 
    they please alert the CellML team?
  2. (Catherine) Model annotation: support for MIRIAM?  Annotation tools - link 
    with Manchester and Newcastle?  libAnnotationSBML and SAINT.  Should the tool be linked 
    to OpenCell?  The repository?  or a stand alone?
  3. (Catherine) e-notation script for automatically fixing models - is a script available yet?
  4. (Catherine) Initial conditions - and their current use to define constants - has been raised before - has there been any progress?
  5. (Catherine) Journal support for CellML
  6. PMR2 update
  7. Website redesign - update
  8. CellML Specs - update
    1. Metadata specifications (general, citations, graphing, simulation, other)
    2. General issues
  9. CellML API - update
    1. General issues
  10. OpenCell development - update
  11. Repository contributions - update
  12. Time permitting: Updates or additional items from volunteering attendees